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Welcome to Meg Max, RMT

Meg welcomes people of all sizes, shapes, sexual orientations, gender presentations, ages, ethnic backgrounds, and religious affiliations to her clinic. The clinic is located in her home, and only one client is present at a time, allowing privacy for those who prefer it. Unfortunately the space is not accessible (there are stairs) but in-home or on-site massage may be arranged for those who need it.

Meg has completed ongoing education in myofascial release and Manual Lymphatic Drainage (Vodder.)

Meg is well versed in providing massage for clients with complex injuries and needs, including:

Providing pre- and post surgical massage.

Palliative massage.

Massage for clients with pain syndromes, acute and chronic injuries, and those in recovery from surgeries.

Massage for older adults.

Massage for people with neurological and traumatic brain injuries.

Massage for those living with cancer and the effects of strokes.

Appointments may be booked via email at meg@megmaxrmt.com, via phone at 613.219.6997 or online.

On-site or in-home massage is available, and must be booked by phone or email.

Please note that a scheduled appointment is necessary. Last minute appointments may be available, and are accommodated whenever possible.