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When Meg was a kid, she wanted to be a ballet dancing doctor. Realising as she got older that she was unlikely to have the attention span to complete med school, nor the dedication to become a dancer, she started writing. Too fond of food and shoes to become a true starving artist, in 2003 she began studies to become a Registered Massage Therapist, and graduated in 2005.

In 2010 she opened Meg Max, RMT, a massage therapy clinic out of her home in Centretown. In 2012 her practice moved to her new home in the Hunt Club area. She has a great love of working outside the box to make massage comfortable and accessible to everyone.

Meg’s interest in people, inability to sit still, innate compassion and love for learning have combined to make massage a fullfilling and happy career path.

She never made it to med school and only dances in her living room, but figures a writing Massage Therapist isn’t too far off from a ballet dancing doctor, and therefore considers her professional life a dream come true. She just finished her first novel this year!

When she isn’t working she loves to travel, cook, write and hang out with her dog and husband. (But especially her dog.)

Meg is a member of the CMTO and RMTAO